300ml 500ml glass square bottle for cold pressed juices with tamper evident cap

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Reusable glass bottles – same as those used by dairy for returns and reuse. Reduce waste and keep milk and juice tasty and alive. These are perfect party decorations.

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Reusable glass bottles – same as those used by dairy for returns and reuse.Reduce waste and keep milk and juice tasty and alive.These are perfect party decorations.Depending on the topic, you will find out what they are used for. They make beautiful gifts for any occasion. These are perfect for: Christmas, birthday gifts, wedding parties, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, housewarming, New Year’s, college graduation and job promotion. Very durable glass bottle with thick edges – not easily broken. Suitable for any activity, durable and suitable for daily use.Easy to clean: the glass is very smooth and can be easily cleaned with water. The lid is made of high quality stainless steel. Very durable glass bottle with thick sides – not easily broken. High temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness.Looking forward to your consultation.

The milk uses the glass bottle to pack the advantage:
1. Protects the milk.This is the most primitive milk packaging is the most basic role. There are transportation and storage problems in the whole circulation process of milk from the factory to the hands of users. Even when milk is in the hands of consumers, there are also storage problems from the beginning to the end of use. In addition, in the process of milk transportation will encounter vibration, extrusion, collision, impact and sun, wind, rain and other damage. Storage in the warehouse will encounter temperature, humidity, moth and other damage and pollution. Therefore, proper packaging can prevent all kinds of damage and protect the use value of milk.

2. Convenient storage and transportation of milk in the physical form of liquid, so there should be appropriate packaging, to ensure the safety of milk in the process of circulation.

3. Easy to use appropriate packaging also plays a role of convenient consumption, convenient to use. For example, milk in small packages is becoming more and more popular among families and individual consumers.

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