700ml Clear brandy Glass bottle

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Our 700ml 750ml Liquor Bottle is big glass bottle that holds big possibilities! It is ideal for use in storing food colourings and flavourings that pack a punch, but also for servings of spirits and brandy and liqueurs.

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It can be used as an unusual glass bottle or packaged as part of a drinks set where you can show off the various flavours of your range. Just imagine a couple of these bottles filled with your aged whiskies or vodkas or brandy, alongside a nice tumbler – it would make the perfect present for drink connoisseurs!


Glass bottles of various varieties, from the capacity of 1ML small bottles to more than ten liters of large bottles, from round, square, to special-shaped and handle bottles, from the colorless transparent amber, green, blue, black shade bottles and opaque opaque glass bottles, etc., numerous.In terms of manufacturing process, glass bottles are generally divided into molded bottles (made from a model) and controlled bottles (made from glass).Molded bottles are divided into large bottles (bottle mouth diameter in more than 30MM) and small bottle two categories. The former is used to hold powdery, lump and paste items, while the latter is used to hold liquids. Appearance: Controlled bottles are more transparent than moulded bottles. The bottom of controlled bottles is thinner. The bottom of moulded bottles is thicker and uneven. The error of the outer diameter of the tube is smaller than that of the bottle!

Material aspect

The controlled bottle is generally low borosilicate in China, but also can make medium borosilicate, and the molded bottle is sodium calcium, because the material is worse than the controlled bottle in drug resistance acid.Controlled bottles can be used for freeze-drying, but molded bottles cannot! And regulated bottles are more expensive than moulded bottles!

There are many kinds of glass bottles, choose what you like.

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