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If you are selling vintage wines, then our 500ml glass bottles are your choice. It has a retro shape with good grip on the sides and looks great! You can even bottle your specialty spirits and wines in this unique bottle, differentiating your brand from the competition.

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Other defects and solutions in glass bottle production: A defect in a glass bottle where the seam line protrudes or the edge of the mouth bulges out. This is due to model parts not being manufactured correctly or not being fitted properly. When the model is damaged, there is dirt on the joint surface, and the glass material has fallen into the initial mold before the top core is lifted too late to enter the position, part of the glass will be pressed or blown out of the gap. Cold spot glass instrument surface is not smooth plaque called cold spot. The main reason for this defect is that the model temperature is too cold, and most of them occur at the beginning of production or downtime. Wrinkles Wrinkles have various shapes, some are creases, some are pieces of very fine wrinkles.The cause of wrinkle is mainly due to the drop is too cold, the drop is too long, the drop did not fall in the middle of the initial mold and adhere to the mold cavity wall.

At present, according to our company's experience, we have summed up the defects encountered in the glass bottle production process, but we have professional methods to solve this, there is no need to worry too much. Let you know more about the whole process of glass bottle production, deepen the industry, make the later better cooperation. We will strengthen industry management and promote industrial restructuring.Strengthen enterprise basic management, improve market competitiveness, hand in hand navigation, create a better future. We will reply to you within 24 hours after receiving the inquiry

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