700ml750ml Round Empty Whiskey Bottles

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The name of the product is 700ml750ml Round Empty Whiskey Bottles. For further details, please contact us.

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Glass container manufacturing new technology: glass containers in the market can be roughly divided into three parts, beverage containers, food containers and cosmetics, medicine and small containers.In recent years, the demand for glass packaging containers in the international market has declined, but glass packaging containers are still the main packaging materials for drinks, medicines and so on. In order to adapt to the fierce competition in the international packaging market, some manufacturers and scientific research departments of glass packaging containers in Britain have continuously introduced new equipment and adopted new technology, so that the manufacture of glass packaging containers has made a lot of progress. Our glass bottle factory mainly includes production and auxiliary workshops: Ingredients workshop, melted workshop (including furnace) and glass processing workshop, machine shop, raw material storage, packaging, etc., the utility facilities has a gas station (heavy oil depot and gas station position), air compressor station, substation chamber, water pump room, sewage treatment station, loadometer and life service facilities of the dormitory building, office building, dining room, bathroom and other monomers. The equipment includes three-drop bottle-making machine, automatic oil injection system for the initial mold of the bottle-making machine, which IS installed in 8 groups of 4-drop IS bottle-making machine. The company has installed high-speed image detection system on the glass bottle production line.The system can detect the bottle roundness, measurable 800 per minute, and can also check the bottle wall defect, the tiny bubbles, stones, and other defects of protruding bottle defect area even if small to 0.9 was also can be checked out, the bottle wall sticky silk, bottle blowing all can find out the defects such as flash, the system control is simple, high resolution, using far focal/zoom camera, And a drip recording device.

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