750ml Swing Top Bottle (Without Stopper)

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If you’re selling a retro brand of drink, look no further than our 1000ml Glass Swing Top Bottle. It is the largest swing top bottle in our collection, with a large  litre capacity. It boasts a vintage shape, with faceted sides that offer good grip and just look fantastic! Best of all, this bottle comes fitted with a ceramic stopper cap, which is locked into place with a pull down metal clasp.

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In our opinion, 1000 ml glass shaper is very suitable for filling all kinds of wine, juice, sauce, edible oil, etc. You can even bottle up your specialist spirits and wines with this unique bottle and separate your brand from your competitors.

Causes and solutions of bottle bottleneck defects

1. The bottleneck is bent (tilt head). The tip of the bottle tilts to one side from the neck. The droplet temperature is too high. The mouth mold is too hot. The handover center is out of alignment. The blow head is uneven or deviates from the center of the forming die. Too short positive blow time or insufficient pressure. Bottle pliers and molding die different center. Bottle clamp is not level or bottle clamp is too strong. Forming die is too hot or forming die cannot open stably.

2. Bottleneck by burr. There are sharp glass burr drops at the joint of bottle neck and bottle mouth. Improper shape control. The mouth die and the initial die do not fit properly. Too much putty on the mouth mold or the initial mold, and the initial mold is not closed properly. Excessive wear of the mouth die and the initial die.
You do not need to worry too much about these defects. We have strict quality control and quality inspection departments to ensure the quality and integrity of the products. We can fill the products directly after receiving the bulk goods

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