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Our product introduction: The patterned print design across the neck gives lends its self perfectly towards pressed juices, whilst giving the finish of your product a distinctive look! Great for grabbing the attention of your customers.

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The fun shape makes this bottle stand out on the shelves and also leaves plenty of space on the flat body for you to add your labels and stickers. Easy work when it comes to making the bottle your own.

An ideal budget bottle for your range of liquors, brandy and even cooking sauces.

After the glass tube enters the factory, the material (weight) shall be weighed by personnel and divided into 3 parts according to plus or minus 5 grams. Bottle-making personnel receive materials into the workshop for production. The glass tube is inserted into the sleeve of the bottle-making machine from the top down. The machine is equipped with oxygen channel, liquefied gas channel and air channel to process the glass bottle. The production of glass bottle is mainly the processing of bottle mouth and bottle bottom. The mold is the bottle mouth mold of the glass bottle. Big bottle mouth, small mouth, threaded bottle mouth, bayonet mouth, clamp mouth are different from the mold, the production of the bottle appearance is different. The height of the bottle is set by our bottle-making personnel on the machine. The thickness of the bottle is determined by the diameter of the glass tube purchased by our company's procurement staff in the glass tube factory. The shape and volume of the bottle are derived from this.

Every glass bottle comes out of the bottle-making machine and lines up to be placed in a random annealing furnace. The glass bottles are annealed at 550-600 degrees for 50 minutes. Annealing is to ensure the stress of the glass bottle and achieve the bottle's compression resistance and drop resistance. Then the glass bottles go to the next stage, manual inspection packing. There are three kinds of inspectors: glass bottle inspectors, packing inspectors and sampling inspectors. Artificial inspection packing is divided into inspection glass bottles, into small boxes, small box bottles, cover film, heat sealing, inspection packing, sampling. The samples were sent to the laboratory for glass bottle inspection. Pass the laboratory to meet the national standards for qualified products.

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