How to avoid damage to glass bottles during transportation?

About Us Wholesale Vodka Bottles Price  :D ue to the fragile nature of glass wine bottles, it is inevitable that they will break during transportation. With the continuous development of my country’s economy, long-distance transportation has become the norm. Damage to glass wine bottles is almost inevitable during transportation, so how can we minimize the damage during transportation?

In the process of transporting glass wine bottles (especially long-distance transportation), the first thing we have to do is the packaging of the wine bottle products. In the process of transporting and packaging wine bottles, you can choose thick cartons or use cartons and pallets for reinforcement. Use old newspapers or foam around the glass wine bottles for packaging and blocking. When building high-rise accumulations, it needs to be layered and layered. Space between some harder, stabilizing plates. After loading the vehicle, it must be tied firmly to prevent the wine bottle from shaking or collision causing injury or even breaking during transportation.

At the same time, attention should be paid to covering and protecting the product to reduce the appearance of the wine bottle due to the sun and rain, and the excessive pressure of the wine bottle caused by the excessive temperature difference, thermal expansion and contraction, which will cause cracks to affect quality and sales.

After the wine bottles are transported, when storing the wine bottles, try to ensure that the floor of the storage area is flat to avoid the danger of falling of the wine bottles due to imbalance. Choose an indoor environment for storage to avoid weathering of the wine bottle due to natural conditions and affecting use. Do not directly touch the glass wine bottle to the ground, so as not to let it rub against the ground and cause scratches and other marks. At the same time, ensure the ventilation between the wine bottles to avoid excessive humidity from affecting it.

For wine bottles that have already been filled with wine, they should be handled with care. One is to prevent the bottle itself from rupturing and leaking, and the other is that long-term side placement can easily lead to wine leakage. It should be more carefully preserved and transported.

Post time: Mar-04-2022