Most winemakers choose glass bottles for packaging

Why do we see many vodka merchants choose glass bottles as packaging?  , whether it is wine, pure grain wine, wine, fruit wine, or even health care wine, bee wine, no matter what kind of wine packaging and glass material bottles cannot be separated, Especially in the wine vessel there is more display. Glass bottle is a traditional domestic beverage packaging vessel, and glass is also a kind of packaging material with historical significance. With a variety of packaging raw materials pouring into the sales market, glassware still occupies a vital influence in beverage packaging, which is closely related to its packaging characteristics that other packaging raw materials cannot replace.

According to statistics, 71% of wine utensils in the world are made of glass, and China is the country with the largest proportion of beer bottles in the world, accounting for 55% of all glass beer bottles, exceeding 50 billion bottles every year. Apart from opening glass bottles, I haven’t seen other packaging for wine, health-care wine, bee wine and other wines on the market. This can be seen from the key influence of glass bottles on wine packaging. So why are so many wine bottles made of glass?

First, it should be treated with acid before the bottle washer. If plastic bottles are used, it is very easy to react with alkali, while glass bottles can react with alkali without other reactions, thus enhancing the cleanliness and quality of wine bottles;

Second, the wine itself contains a lot of gases such as O2, carbon dioxide, etc., especially when carbon dioxide undergoes a violent impact, the bottle will burst. This is said to be the only deficiency of the glass material bottle;

Third, for the packaging utensils currently available on the market, only the glass bottle itself is clean and has low friction, faster fluidity, and high efficiency in water flow production and manufacturing;

Fourth, when the wine bottle is based on the sterilization equipment, the inner temperature of the sterile poplar is far dependent on the extreme temperature of the plastic, which is easy to deform, and the wine bottle is heat-resistant, which can make up for these deficiencies;

Fifth, plastic (structure: anti-corrosion coatings, tackifiers, thickeners, dyes) bottles and cans, although there is no light, strong oxidation resistance, poor airtightness, very easy to run out of gas and cause mildew. The glass bottle has strong airtightness, excellent organic chemistry reliability, and can maintain the taste of beverage products for a long time. This is an advantage that no vessel can compare.


Post time: Mar-23-2022