Reuse of glass bottles

Usually there are a lot of wine bottles in the house. It is a pity to lose them. Many flower lovers will use them to make vases and flower pots. They are very beautiful. If you are familiar with them, you can make one in 3 minutes
Liquor bottle flowerpot
There are many materials for wine bottles, such as glass, earthenware jars, and porcelain bottles. Generally, wine is different, and the bottles are also different. There are two commonly used ones, one is a wine bottle, which is a glass bottle. One is a white wine or yellow wine bottle,Super flint glass bottle is used.
Glass bottle
The color of the glass bottle is translucent and smooth, and it is low-cost and widely used in batch production. Red wine is the most commonly used. In addition to making flower pots, many flower lovers transform red wine bottles into small household objects, which are also very beautiful.
A knife is cut in the middle of the glass wine bottle, and it is divided into two, which can be used as a snack plate, which is more artistic. If the mouth of the bottle is cut off, it can still be used as a storage tank, but the mouth of the bottle should be polished and smooth, and it is very practical to store some grains, and it is not ugly to put it at home. It is used to grow flowers with some succulents with short roots, which is very beautiful.
How to cut the red wine bottle? It is best to use cutting tools such as electric grinders. In addition to using cutting tools such as electric grinders, here is a relatively simple method. Find some cotton thread and tie the cotton thread to the place to be cut, the tighter the better.
Put alcohol on the cotton thread and ignite it with fire. After the cotton thread is burned, immediately immerse the bottle in cold or ice water. It will split in two soon. If there is some remaining unbroken, wrap the wine bottle with a soft cloth and gently knock the burning traces. drop down. Use sandpaper to polish the fracture. You can wear cut-resistant gloves to avoid cutting your fingers.

Post time: Mar-24-2022