The secret about the shape of the wine bottle

As a container for wine, people don’t know much more about wine bottles than oak barrels. But in fact, wine bottles are an important part of wine culture.

1. Save vodka glass bottles

When there were no glass bottles, wine was kept in oak barrels, and wine jars were usually made of clay or leather.

Later, wine was greatly influenced by the advent of coffee, tea and cheap distilled spirits, and new ways needed to be explored. At this time, glass manufacturing technology advanced and glass bottles became stronger and cheaper to produce. It was discovered that wine in glass bottles lasted longer and had more mature aromas, so glass bottles became increasingly popular.

Many New World wine producers will choose a bottle type based on the style they want to make. For example, in the case of Australia’s Syrah, if the winemaker wants to produce a more restrained and nuanced style of Côtes du Rhône, he may choose a Côtes du Rhône bottle to package the wine. If he wants to express a rich, full-bodied, open Syrah in the typical Barossa style, then he might choose a Bordeaux bottle shape. This also occurs in New World regions that produce Riesling and Pinot Grigio, which allows consumers to easily judge the style of the wine by the bottle shape.

2. What bottle shape is generally used for white wine

Bordeaux bottle type

The Bordeaux bottle used for white wine is very special. As long as the color of the bottle is different, the wine in the bottle is also different. Green bottles contain dry white (also known as dry white) and are most suitable for holding seafood; clear bottles are mostly used for sweet white wines.

While Pinot Noir is sought after by consumers around the world, the Bordeaux bottle shape is becoming more common. This type of bottle with an elegant shoulder line is the Bordeaux bottle.

Because Burgundy always evokes small, elegant wines, wineries that want to express their refined and elegant wines often choose this bottle shape.

Champagne Bottles

The Champagne bottle is a bottle shape specifically designed for Champagne. These bottles are generally larger and sturdier, with a generally concave bottom and thicker walls that can withstand the enormous pressure inside the bottle. Of course, in addition to Champagne, some other sparkling wine makers also use Champagne bottles for their sparkling wines.

Madeira bottle type

Madeira bottles are used to hold Madeira wine. The bottle has a bulge at the neck. It is similar to the type of bottle used by port makers. It is designed for stacking bottles horizontally. However, many experts believe that the Madeira pull bottle type is best suited for upright storage.

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Post time: Apr-02-2022