Understanding the quality of glass bottles

Glass bottles are very common in our life, but many people do not know how to distinguish good from bad when they buy them. As a result, many “substandard” glass bottles were bought back. Today we will teach you how to identify the glass. The quality of the bottle is good or bad.

Often see the glass bottles vodka, gin, you can clearly see the color of the wine, in general, the higher the transparency, the higher the clarity, the better the uniformity. In addition, whether the shape of the container fits the mold and has a good seal is also an indicator of the evaluation of the container.

This will ensure that the wine does not lose its flavor and gas!

In terms of price, lead crystal glass and high boron glass have increased costs due to the addition of lead oxide and boron oxide. Therefore, the order of glass bottles of the same specifications from high to low is lead crystal glass and high boron glass, soda lime glass bottles; the price of glass bottles made by pressure blowing method is higher than that made by pressing method; the price of glass bottles with complicated process is higher than that of glass bottles with simple process. Generally speaking, glass bottles with feet (such as goblets) are more expensive than those without. For high feet, such as goblets, the glass shape must be blown out by pressure blowing method and then made into a foot. Finally, the two are combined into one to make the finished product. The process is complicated and the price is naturally higher. On the contrary, the process is simple and the production efficiency is fast. (such as the production of general-purpose glass bottles, can be pressed 100 per minute), the price is naturally relatively cheap; surface decoration of glass bottles than directly molded packaging glass bottles more than one process, the price is correspondingly higher.

The same quality of glass bottles, static color than white, miscellaneous color expensive; different quality of the price is different, the better the quality the more expensive (for example, superior quality than uniform products, etc. expensive); well-known brands than ordinary brands expensive Because of the different production technology, the same quality of glass bottles produced in different countries are not the same price.

Among them, soda lime glass has the lowest cost and is mostly used to produce ordinary glass; high boron glass is better than lime soda glass in heat resistance, and its material cost is higher than the former; high white material has good ability to withstand rapid temperature changes. It is mostly used to make glass bottles for microwave ovens, and its material cost is higher. Lead crystal glass has high permeability, only a few developed countries currently have the production technology, usually used in the production of high-grade glass bottles. In addition, the glass bottles made of lead crystal glass have a higher degree of manual processing, and the processing cost and added value are higher.

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Post time: Apr-07-2022