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For this collection of bulk bottles, we offer 2 colours to choose from: brown bottles and green bottles. These two colors help prevent oxidation and maintain the taste. Plugs will be provided. If you want to buy another glass stopper, you can tell our salesman.

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This 75CL glass bottle belongs to the classic Bordeaux wine bottle, which is common in our daily life and loved by people all over the world. This long-necked and distinctly shouldered bottle is the most widely used bottle shape today. Our empty bottles are made of super flint glass, making our bulk bottles clear, beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Understanding wine bottles can be a great help in wine tasting, and understanding fortified bottles. Most fortified wines, such as Port, Madeira and Sherry, come in thicker, sturdier bottles. Vintage Port bottles have a large bulge at the top of the bottle to facilitate the settling of sediment at the bottom of the bottle. These bottles are usually corked and are particularly suitable for fortified wines that are consumed young.

1. In addition, the size of the bottle can also affect the quality of the wine. The freshness of wines from large bottles lasts longer than those from smaller bottles, because large bottles slow down the aging of the wine. This is one of the disadvantages of large bottles, however, because the liquid in them matures too slowly, so you need to be patient and wait for it to mature, and you have to “enjoy the crowd” rather than “enjoy the wine alone”. Some common bottle sizes are: small (Piccolo/Split, 187.5ml), half (Demi/Half, 375ml), standard (Standard, 750ml), large (Magnum, 1.5L), extra large (Double Magnum, 3.0L), super (Jeroboam, 3L or 5L). Jeroboam, 3L or 5L), and Imperial, 6.0L, etc.

2. The Bordeaux bottle (also known as the high shoulder or claret bottle) is the most dominant bottle type, with a broad shoulder and columnar shape that effectively prevents sediment from being poured out of the wine, and is often used for wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Burgundy bottles (also known as slant-shoulder bottles) are also popular, with their rounded bodies and smooth shoulders, and are often used for wines made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, among others. Compared to the first two types of bottles, the Hawker (also known as the flute or Alsatian) is more slender and is used for aromatic wines without sediment and sweet wines such as Gewurztraminer and Riesling.

To sum up: a good bottle shape is also a direct demonstration of how good the wine is to drink.

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