Wholesale custom a variety of color glass cap

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This is metal tin screw cap, very easy to open, size 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 28mm, 33mm, 38mm material metal color black or other colors.

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Metal bottle cap is a kind of small packaging sealing parts, there are screw open cover, crown cover, aluminum anti-theft cover of the points. Screw the lid is used for the lid of the big bottle, such as pickles, cans and other packaging; Crown cover is mainly used for the packaging sealing of beer bottles; Aluminum anti-theft lid is used for high-end wine sealing packaging. Screw open cover also known as claw type screw open cover, according to the number of claws can be divided into three claw type, four claw type and six claw type three, common for four claw type screw open cover, that is, usually said four screw cover.Screw open cover according to whether the shoulder is raised, and can be divided into flat screw open cover and pointed screw open cover, flat screw open cover shoulder no raised, shoulder and cover almost in the same plane; The cap shoulder of the cap is obviously raised, the cap shoulder and the cap are not in the same plane, and the cap is rotated.

The main components of aluminum-plastic combined cap are aluminum alloy and plastic materials, which are processed into bottle caps by special technology. Of course, superior performance is the basis of its application in wine and beverage packaging. Aluminum-plastic combined cap is thin and easy to open. Aluminum-plastic combined cap is simple in structure, low in cost, good in sealing and easy to use.Aluminum plastic combination cover has many advantages, such as stable torque, can reduce the opening time; Strong tension resistance, corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance, which are widely used aluminum plastic composite cover superior performance.

Bottle cap also has anti-theft opening and security functions, atoll rectifier type, sea clam type, soft bag type, oscillating water column type, multi-common oscillating water column type, wave flow, pendulum combined with breakwater oscillating water column type, shrinkage channel type and so on more than 10 kinds.

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